Axiom Life...

Axiom - a self evident truth, that requires no proof

So far it's been fun creating a recognized brand and sharing it with the world. The future goal is to have a fully functioning social network where artists can come together and create. The difference between PlanetAxiom and other similar formats is we want actual citizens that will be invested in this experience in every way. To be apart of this virtual world we would give creative users the opportunity to implement themselves as a character into the ongoing story of Axiom. (Fictional or non-fictional) but Axiom is a fictional world allowing the concepts to be endless. It's a second earth that has been recently discovered. So without going deeper into the mythology, that's the users introduction into Axiom. In example, I began a concept album a few years ago based on my life experiences. It's about an artist on the brink of success and his muse and girlfriend decides that she's done with the relationship. Yet the setup of the songs really give no clue to this being a story. 
We felt like this would be a fresh and fun way to make our artists, fans and users feel apart of the world and stay committed. By using social media and a storyline concept like an online world as well as something tangible we hope to grow and utilize all types of talents.
But still the underlying purpose of Planet Axiom is to build a strong network with talented individuals. An up and coming artist will need a photographer, a photographer will need a model, models will need wardrobes and photographers that's the cycle we want to help with. 
Inviting talented creators to a new "planet" equals amazing ideas, progressive and proactive thinking.