We are raising funds for:
Office Space

The funds will be needed within 6 months to a year.

After many frustrated years of frustration due to not having an outlet for our art, and products, we sat down and devised a plan on how we could help others and ourselves. As independent recording artists and fashion designers we found recurring issues such as, not having funds to finish projects, not having the tools to start projects. This issue was prevalent throughout our peers and close circles. 

There is a ton of passion in what we do. We are very close as a unit, and through our own adversities we came to the same solution. Our website will be an all around interactive experience. Users will implement themselves as a character on Planet Axiom. Full customization, and they will use this character to discover and introduce themselves to one another, and share their work. As for the story portion each character will be required to write themselves into the story of Axiom. This will be a fun and different way to show how driven and excited each person is to actually pursue their dreams. This will be a free service until a connection is made. We would love to work with the local unified school districts as well, for extra curricular activities for high school students as well. This will come with a mentor-ship program and internship programs as well.

If we, Planet Axiom are successful in being funded for this community based company, we would be overjoyed! And we would show our appreciation immensely.