The Man Book, By Jareem Gunter


The author Jareem Gunter and I have known one another for years, about 20 years to be exact. We considered ourselves to be best friends. A few years ago, our connections became minimal. A few days ago, we had the opportunity to sit together once again, and he offered me his book.  The Man Book. I have been happy and proud for him, since he first sent me the email for his KickStarter. That day I immediately shared his new venture to my social network, and emailed a few people the link personally. This is brotherhood. Differences, distance, misinformation etc. did not break the bond the two of us have kept over the years. 

I said,

"Write something in the book for me." 

I got him a pen, he did. And briefly after, he left to go finish his night with his lovely family.

Later that night, I opened the book, to read what he had written to me, and the first word that popped out at me was "Brother". That was really all I had to read to believe that we had both become mature adults. Men. 

The Man Book is Jareems contribution to society. Teaching young men, fatherless men, single mothers, and lovers of man-kind alike to be great. This was a need of many, and Jareem has answered the call. A guide book, on how a man should carry his self, how to tie a tie, deal with debt, how to treat women, and more. 

It doesn't stop with the book, Jareem continues to lecture at schools, events, and now has a YouTube channel where he continues to use his platform to inspire, and teach.

So here it is I present to you The Man Book by Jareem Gunter.


-D Lamar


Not UR Baby pt.2

A few photos from an amazing art benefit , against human trafficking. All of the performers had strong messages about this horrible epidemic. Its in our faces and hidden simultaneously. Thank you to Vanessa for putting together this great step towards awareness. 

-D Lamar






kim, The Dancer :)

It was nothing less than a privilege shooting with this beautiful visual artist. Kim has Trained a dancer who is now with the San Francisco Ballet. kim continues to teach dance classes of her own. Amazing opportunities await this talented young dancer.

- Planet Axiom