We are Planet Axiom, a family, a collective.
The Label, The Brand, The Story
The Second Chance

Planet Axioms Mission is to build strong bonds between multi talented individuals. There is no reason or excuse that should stop one from his/her passionate journey. 

Planet Axiom is here to keep the flame burning within artists, and to let it burn forever through creation. 

Planet Axiom is the music label, furnished with the most exceptional minds, who have been pinned up by one reason or another, and have now been granted the opportunity to share their sound with the world.

Planet Axiom, is the story of the excluded, the castaways, the escaped, and the wealthy. How did you come to be apart of Axiom?

Planet Axiom is the brand of clothes and accessories worn by those who do not believe in being in a box, they believe there has never been a box.

Planet Axiom is the second chance, that has been granted by the universe for those that recognize success simply comes when you do not give up.